Journeys without Walls is a distance learning practice program that is designed to expand the boundaries of your "ordinary" life. You are the journeyer, the seeker, the learner. This educational experience is ungraded; there are no right or wrong answers. There are only questions . . . questions to be contemplated and lived into action from the inside out and the outside in. 

Journeys without Walls is about finding your passion . . . in the little things and the grand things. It is about looking at life as if you were a kaleidoscope . . . seeing the changing patterns, being unattached to the outcomes of what is lost or found each time you look at what will never be the same again.

Imagine that you have access to everything . . . that you are not limited by your current roles or by your "learned identity."  Imagine that you can change your perceptions, your patterns, and your level of consciousness. All that is important is to be . . .  in the question . . . exploring the landscape of the journey without walls. It is a journey of exciting possibilities.

The only requirement is that you are willing to make time for the process to unfold -- this means you must practice daily. The rest will take care of itself. What you need is available. It always has been. It always will be.

Break through your walls, and let the journeys begin.


Journeys without Walls is facilitated by Carol L. Veizer, MA, ACS, NCC, LPC
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